Thursday, November 12, 2009

indulge me

chocolate lucky charms
pb sandwich
1 piece of toast with olive oil margarine
more tea
chicken niggets with swiss chalet sauce
orange juice

I love it when my boyfriend indulges me by asking for odd and endearing things, all of which I am happy to indulge him. This will be my second time flunking NaNoWriMo, not that I mind actually. London is not in any prime rivalries and I have something better to write about. For starters, the village of Snjeezgaard, the coldest village in the coldest valley where the villagers tend to have colds.

Something silly is afoot, wonderfully, strangely, probably not suitable for children-esque silly. I am looking forward to its emergence and am slowly learning the ins and outs of inkscape, the gimp and cs4 to make the most of this.

Not promising a fifth blog or extra twitter account. Yet.

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