Thursday, November 19, 2009


nuggets, fries, orange juice, cheesecake, coffee, peanut butter sandwich

I am currently one of the people affected by the London Transit Commission strike. This means I'm walking everywhere. I walk downtown, I walk to Wortley Village (which is the area I'm now living in) and last night for a what-the-hell, I hiked my fat ass across the city of London and back, going 14km or 8.6mi, depending on your preferred unit of measurement. Today I walked what felt like a loop between downtown, Wortley and my apartment building. A few hours later, I walked to where my dad works to visit for 20 minutes and ask him something big.

I'm bringing the boyfriend home for Christmas. Apparently we have to sleep in separate rooms. I would complain about this however that stipulation was in place with my brother and his girlfriend so it's fair.

Also, I suppose I can use this format to announce something: I'm not going to finish my nanowrimo, however thanks to my wonderful boyfriend I have a new project, a series of stories called The Adventures Of Stephen T. Viking.

This is so going to rule.

Anyway, I wrote a song a couple of nights ago, I think I'm going to record it now.


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