Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A winning wednesday

2 pb sandwiches
1 banana popsicle
1 peanut butter cookie
1 boston cream doughnut
1 sesame seed bagel that, if it was toasted it was certainly light.
1 much needed XLTT
9 piece chicken fry and medium french fries combo

I'm really excited. Super excited. Inappropriately excited. I'm living in my own space, have a job interview in the morning and will be going to my first ever actual bear event, a bear camping weekend, on friday! I've been told I simply have to try the hamburgers that will be available at the campground, half a pound of butcher fresh ground beef grilled to perfection, etc.
Goddamn I am hungry.
Well, a little less so now that I've found a fiver in my wallet that will be donated to the "buy Steve a freakin bagel" fund.

1 walk to Tim Horton's later

Okay, not the best food but I am in a pinch here. That pinch being I work in the middle of an industrial park... for now.

chorus: And only for now!

The other night, R2 and I had a long conversation and one of the things he said was "winning is not a one time thing, it is an all time thing, do you feel like you're winning?" The answer has been something of an overwhelming no lately. Relationships, work, health, sleep, moving, bills, everything felt like it had been shot to hell in the weeks before the move. I think moving into the new place and ultimately defining it as my own has given something of a new perspective, a new chance to get back to winning.
Wish me luck tomorrow, dear reader.

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