Tuesday, June 16, 2009

After every night, a dawn.

last night
fries with cheese (no gravy)
1 chicken breast, coated and baked
1 banana

boston cream doughnut
whole grain blueberry muffin
2 sesame seed bagels with cream cheese
1 bottle of orange juice
1 chicken breast
three pieces of toast

If yesterday was a day of complete self loathing, today is much better. First of all, thanks Fetch. You're awesome.
Second of all, I'm riding on the euphoria train from Getting Things Done. I finished Persona 4 last night with the true ending. Time to start again and see how many more Social Links I can get! Or I'll go back to 3 and play through that one more. Also, I just managed to finish a big project for work that was looming over like a great black cloud of stress. The great cloud has finished its little showering shitstorm and had blown itself out.
My hands are currently warm and numb. It's part of the high. It's one small reason to rest a little easier tonight after I get home and do something like make music. If I can finish the record tonight, or finish a few songs at least, so much the better.
I just finished reading Battle Royale. Speaking of finishing things and feeling awesome about them. It's not the work that's fulfilling, understand. It's the accomplishment.
Also, holy crap the chicken breasts from A&P are goddamn huge! I'm currently working on a new Butch Mary to post this week as well as the next edition of Bit Literate. If you want a hint, think of a hedgehog stagnating in his character bible.
Also, Persona is goddamn amazing. Thank you.

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