Saturday, May 9, 2009


general tao's chicken with rice


PB sandwich
3/4 of a box of whole wheat KD (sucked!)


2 cookies
3 pizza buns
2 chocolate croissants
2 double cheeseburgers
5 glasses of white wine


large vanilla latte
7/8th of an egg, sausage and cheese sandwich
sesame seed bagel with butter and cream cheese
chocolate cookie
piece of pizza
half a bag of chips, garlic dip
1 beer

So I've been lax in the blog department this week. I guess I need a big, burly, leather daddy to spank me for my misdeeds both culinary and communicative. All things considered, I might like that too much though and you'd never hear from me again.

Anyway, my time has been chiefly taken up by work, Persona 4 and making a new record. I think I may well dedicate it to my cardre of ex boyrfriends good and bad. I'm sure most of them would be tickled pink at the lyrical content beginning and ending with "I'm gonna die alone!" Or they'd call me a drama queen or something of that sort.

Still, let's make one thing explicitly clear: I am not a drama queen, I am a theatrical queen! There really is a world of difference between the two. A drama queen wants your total attention all of the time. After all, things are too terrible at any given time for you to not give that attention.

A theatrical queen, on the other hand, only wants a few moments of attention and will signal them at the appropriate moments of spectacle: the grand entrance, the stirring moments of dialogue, the curtain call and, content to play in an ensemble, will pride themselves on their own moments as much as they encourage other people in sharing in this theatricality. I'll give you the rundown in another post.

In the meantime, this album is shaping up to be an indictment of my romantic failures and is, in truth, pretty damn danceable. In my drunken state last night, chatting with Captain Awesome I compared it with what might happened if say LD from Flare/New Criticism/occasional Magnetic Field, decided to work with Metric or maybe Dan deacon on a quaalude binge.

Between this and Semifiction (the album I recorded in February), I'm toying with various low-cost releasing ideas that do not involve a CD or CD burner. What I'd like to do is a) try bandcamp or the distro site Hawk showed me, and for any live performances if at all, have both albums on a USB keychain in a jewellry box. Personally, I think the two albums go together. The first one is slow and plodding until close to the end where the drums kick in. On this album they don't start and the last song is (for the most part) hushed and whispered like Hello from semifiction.

So what's next? Follow through, distribute these records, walk more, get back into writing books, play more video games, work out monies, maybe find someone and go on a date... but probably not.

As the song goes, after all, "I'm gonna die alone."

Also, there is a Shinnecock hills road. That made me laugh my ass off.

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