Monday, May 4, 2009

press start to continue

raisin bran muffin
banana nut muffin
2 peanut butter cookies
chicken/pizza sauce sandwich
bunch of grapes
crispy crunch

This is not a new beginning, this is picking up where I left off on what I would certainly call the worst eating week I've had since this experiment started. Do I feel bad about that? Hell. No. The food, as not good as it was, tasted both excellent and terrible and reminded me why what I'm doing now is so important.
I'm going to admit it: I like fatty, salted, fried things. You reading this probably do too. I'm not going to give myself the seven cuts of shame because of an order of fries so if you're looking for apologies or repentances then look elsewhere. You will not find them here. I think it began the night of the Shout Out Out Out Out show where I grabbed some macdonald's and ended on Saturday when plans to go out to a buffet for dinner after wandering the city for Free Comic Book Day were foiled.
I just ate my lunch kind of fast so I have to retrain myself to eat slowly.

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