Sunday, May 3, 2009

before the dust settles!

Hi everybody! Happy Free Comic Book Day! My other favourite geek holiday (the first being Record Store Day) I think today has finished the week for crappiest week of great tasting, awful for you food, capped off with KFC, cheesecake, pizza and fruit flavoured veggie juice.

Oh wait, that last one was good.

Anyway, the reason I haven't been updating this blog lately is because of something I like to refer to as AEDD or Artistic Endeavor Dedication Deficiency. Basically if I have a sudden new spark of an idea, I may as well run off to play with shiny things and chase down flying plastic bags.

Hell, I haven't touched Butch Mary in a long time much to at least one reader's consternation. Maybe I wrote myself into a corner there, I don't know, anyway lately I've been all about making music. I recorded an album in February. I wrote one the week before last. I have all of the drum tracks and I'd say about half of the bass synth tracks recorded.

The album basically begins and ends with the following phrase: "I'm gonna die alone". For a while there last week I was afraid of recording this album and was rather depressed not with the fact that I will most likely die alone but with the fact that I'm neither surprised nor bothered by it. It's that idea of giving up that really brought me down.

Well, I was all gung ho on that today after coming home with a bag full of loot. Seriously, London gets Free Comic Book Day right with the 5 major stores banding together. I picked up a not-free graphic novel? collection of vigniettes? called X Diary, mainly because the art was cute. It tells a great and awkward story with wonderful, simple artwork. I wish I could draw so simply...

My problem with that is, however, I am never interested in doing things simply. I want, need and love a certain amount of challenge and if I have to invent sub steps a-1 through a-10000 to get to point B, I ususally do.

So I just hoofed it to Shopper's Drug Mart where they didn't have sketch pads, but they did have a notebook and all of that so I could draw and use the ruled marks as my guidelines. I designed one character that looks like a cross between me, my friend Matt and maybe Johnathan Frakes. I did a close up sketch, a full body and a vitruvian before trying out a little chibi drawing. I may follow this process and see where it takes me.

I have umpteen books to write this year. And 2 albums. Maybe I'll record one of the books as an audiobook and release it that way.

The only way I will make it through this is via a certain amount of simplification.

"I am gonna make it through this year if it kills me." - The Mountain Goats

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