Thursday, April 2, 2009


½ a praline and cream muffin
1 med iced cap
1 xl tea with milk and sugar
2 buns with pb and honey
6" chicken breast sub with cheese and hot sauce
1 bottle of apple juice
2 malibu and cokes

Okay I'm a sugared up ball of sweetness and hate right now. It's
not healthy, obviously, but on my break I'll be getting some exercise to
try and burn some of these off, walk around the building listening to
Fucked Up or old Alexisonfire. It took me 20 minutes to eat half a
muffin today. I'm not hungry, I'm hyper. If I get off of work early I
will buy some fruit. On the plus side I have some salad and carrots in
the fridge to much on to counteract sugar.
It's amazing what a quick walk can do. Specifcally a quick walk
while listening (and singing along) to Certainly, Sir's "Rave Review". I
know entirely too many people this song applies to. To be honest, I'm
happy that I can dance, the question is finding a place that plays the
music I want to dance to. I saw some adverts around town for a pretty
cool art and music night filled with the bands I Enjoy.
Tonight is karaoke night. I'm starting with Heartless and
anything after that I don't know but I fully expect it to be loud.

Well I just got home from karaoke. I was supposed to go to a friend's place and help clean but the busses conspired against me. Of course. Anyway, I ended up winning Star Of The Bar meaning I'm entered into a competition in May :D

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