Monday, April 6, 2009

early mornings

They moved around my schedule, I now actually have to wake up at 8AM. Boo!

Anyway, here's what I had:

XL triple triple
raisin bran muffin
2 whole wheat english muffins with honey and peanut butter
baby carrots
cajun damnation chikcen on 2 pieces of garlic toast with cheese and hot sauce
chocolate milk


Also, I had a pilates resistance band thing I've had for a long time, I did 20 pulls with that. I may see if i can do anything meaningful with it while sitting down.

Of course, a couple of hours after eating, I want to get some exercise. The gym is closed, not that I feel like going mind you, and the weather outside is not fit for going on a long walk so what can I do?

Dance Factory! :D

Currently it is making up steps to Ladytron's Light And Magic album which I will then shake my ass to until I just can't be bothered. I have a small satchel of CDs I need to find so I can do that with my Les Savy Fav disc. At any rate, I'm going to dance like mad.

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