Thursday, April 16, 2009

another 2 day post


1 can of chicken noodle soup with some organic multigrain crackers
5 pieces of toast with peanut butter
1 glass of OJ

2 cheddar-herb bagles, one with honey
nutrigrain bar (last one in the vending machine)
bottle of ice tea (with NO nutritional value)
1 chicken shawarma
some yogurt
1 "regular sized" blended ice cappucino

Not a whole hell of a lot, eh? I didn't go to karaoke tonight, not in the mood, throat is kinda fucked up along with the rest of me.

I took down my bear411 profile, if they're too good to have Weebax's profile up, I'm too good for them so fuck 'em.

I took a walk in the park this morning, well, it was forced due to bus problems but holy crap it was beautiful!

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