Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ah the days of April

I completely forgot it was april fool's day yesterday. Well, I had a combination of forget and don't care. Instead, here's what I had to eat

-A large pepperoni and cheese panzerotti from Tony's
-A 2l bottle of coke
-About half a new york cheesecake with caramel and chocolate
-3lbs of hot, breaded wings

And if you believe that I've got some nice parliamentary buildings to sell ya.

Actually, here it is:

apple oatmeal muffin
earl grey tea
nutrigrain bar
chicken sandwich
1 bagelful cause I was hungry on my last break
about 7/8th of a bowl of potato/chicken hash
1/8th of a Boston cream pie that was kinda mushy by now

I just went out on a walk to the Shopper's about 3 blocks away and back, took a good 5 minutes before the poor girl at the counter could get the register to work. I had details of a murder case in one ear and the Decemberists in the other. I want The Hazards Of Love 2 to be played as some sort of wedding song (requiring a stable relationship first...) and The Hazards Of Love 4 only grows in its ability to make me cry. I can see an anime being drawn around this album. The nightly walk from work to Fanshawe has been doing me some good. One of these days I'm going to start doing the walk there and back. I just need to wake up earlier meaning I have to go to bed earlier meaning I am sure as hell not starting that habit tomorrow.

My friend Peter said something awesome tonight: "I always found it silly that people say, "Oh, I just had a piece of cheesecake, my diet's ruined, oh well!" Fuck. It's just ONE day ... start in again tomorrow! So defeatist."

I refuse to be defeated in this. Specifically, I refuse to defeat myself in this. I refuse to give into the easy ways of self deprecation and self abuse (in this sense anyway, self abuse is fun when it's done right). I refuse to walk into a McDonalds and buy $10 worth of sculpted grease and would rather, now that I'm getting back in the habit, create my own similar tasting recipes with food I know is fresh and will not be completely terrible for me.

My roommate asked me point blank what I'm doing for my health. I think he feels he needs to keep tabs on it after my hospital stay. Well, I'm walking more and charting what I eat so I know to keep myself on track. I'm feeling good about myself and that is the healthiest thing one can do.

Oh, I've also begun something awesome. Details to come!

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