Saturday, March 28, 2009

To good food and good friends

Today was the diametric opposite of yesterday.

I have my headphones back! Woo! Anyway, tonight I made an awesome dinner thanks to going to the farmer's market today. While I was there I broke down and bought a large fry and gravy from the chip truck but only had maybe a third of it. When I was finished at the farmer's market, I went to the LCBO, ate a ladyfinger when i couldn't have a shot of bailey's and picked up a cheap bottle of red wine, got some other things and came home to prepare a nice meal. I ended up inviting a couple of friends over and began cooking.

I ended up eating some fried potatoes and a thick slab of well roasted beef with gravy that was cooked in red wine, mushrooms, ginger, parsley, coriander and onion powder. I had 2 buns, an eighth of the frozen boston cream pie my friends brought, 3 glasses of red wine, litre of chocolate milk over the day, a Guiness and a blue. I'm about to drink a few glasses of water now. Walking the farmer's market, it was an awesome experience! I love going to things like that. You should have seen the sweat pour off of me while cooking. I burned my pinkie finger, sadly, but I quickly got it with bactine and a bandage :)

Tomorrow I may have big news. Stay tuned kids!

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