Thursday, March 26, 2009

Invention And Discovery

Ever wonder why pop stars reinvent themselves album to album? New costumes, new sounds, seeming like a sometimes logical, sometimes completely out there path like it's been random and calculated since day one?
The answer is the same as it is for you and I. What do we do every day but reinvent ourselves upon waking up? Even if it's little incriments like sleeping a little more or dressing a little differently or doing something unexpected with your hair, it's still a reinvention. I'm not the same person I was last night, last week, last year and further back...
And neither are you.
You cannot jump into the same river, read the same book, watch the same film or listen to the same album exactly the same way as the time before. The water will be different, you will know the ending, you will expect the guitar solo after the second chorus, you'll have a different appreciation for it the next time around. We are different people and it is up to us to stand in front of that deep, dark truthful mirror to determine who we are and what we do next.
Which gets to my next point: going somewhere to find yourself is bullocks. Going to Paris, Rome, Glasgow, Tokyo, Vancouver, New York, Hollywood, San Francisco, anywhere you can think of... if you're not prepared to listen to that aforementioned mirror, all you will be is a tourist. They are just cities and they will not tell you who you are. Other people can tell you only what they perceive and you will not find yourself sifting through them. You can find qualities you may want, but you will not find your actual self.
Furthermore, we do not find ourselves once and that's it. It comes with reinvention. We have to continuously find ourselves between our ages, our experiences, our loves and hates and everyone around us. We are always in the process of finding ourselves... or hiding.

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