Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Following Is Awesome (Day 4)

1) Dan Deacon's new album Bromst.
2) The Wii can now play games off of the SD card (woo!)
3) The longassed chat I had with my friend Matt last night. He reminded me that while what I'm doing the right thing I have to be careful of two things:

Not eating is way more unhealthy than eating something from the not-deep-fried-to-hell menu if in a pinch.

There is no such thing as a good time for a Baconator. Not that I'm partial to bacon in any way, shape or form. The only time I've ever had the stuff and it didn't make me gag was on a garlic bread and cheese that was closer in line with a pizza at a restaurant in Bonaventure, NFLD about 12 years ago. Even still, you can replace Baconator with entirely greasy, delicious, horrible thing for you and the point still stands.

He spent a lot of time talking about what he refers to as "food by God", for my own purposes I'll call it "food by nature". Basically the idea is if the ingredient list has more unrecognizable chemical names than recognizable food names then put it back and step away from the frankenfood. If it's been treated with Nutridation, stay the hell away.
I like that idea. In fact, after next week's cooking show it's one that I may explore in further ones... like making one's own not so bloody terrible for you baked chicken nuggets.
Now how's the eating? Well, I had a peanut butter sandwich with about a quarter of the amount I usually use. I ate it slowly, about 35-50 chews per bite and I have to say I was not all that impressed. I mean, I was eatign under the pressure of sleeping in and almost, just -almost- missing the bus but as I was eating it, the taste just wasn't... there, you know? the longer it stayed in my mouth, the less enjoyable it was.
Peanut butter, then, has a half-life of forty five seconds. I had a glass of that fruity vegetable juice as well and I think I know why drinks like that have bottles that are completely covered and demand you shake it like a parkinson's patient on speed before drinking. Letting it sit for the minute and a half that I did, I noticed a certain amount of silt headding to the bottom of the glass. It wasn't gritty or disgusting, just disconcerting to look at. Well, as I've said many a time before in many a bar... bottom's up!
I was debating what to get for lunch as the roommate took the remainder (two thirds of) the see through time chicken I made last night. Typical me thought pick up some mini pizzas and just have one, leaving the rest to chance (there's a vulture at work). Thinking about what Matt said last night, instead I grabbed two pizza buns and a bag of salad. The pizza buns are baked fresh and the ingredients are recognizable. It's just a bun with tomato sauce and cheese. I just ate one, keeping mindful of taking 25-50 chews per bite and taking a moment between bites so I wasn't shovelling the whole thing in my mouth while I walked around the building. which brings me to my next topic: eating fast.
I love eating fast. there's a certain euphoric melange of flavour that comes from eating fast. Eating that sandwich this morning slowly and eating that bun while walking slowly showed that flavor, good flavor isn't the initial burst but something that should be sustainable. The pizza bun could, the sandwich could not. I'm just having a cup of mint tea to replace the taste in my mouth from the pizza bun and warm up my throat for karaoke tonight! Woo! Of course, I'll be home by the time this gets posted but yeah! Excitement!
I'm hoping they have David Bowie's Life On Mars or Tom Wait's Tom Traubert's Blues or Rufus Wainwright's Hallelujah (which is really John Cale's Hallelujah... jerks) or something I can really throw myself into. In the meantime, I'm almost halfway through my shift and I'm getting hungry. Lunch will be about 3/4 of a cup of yogurt and a portion of the bag o' salad. The remaining pizza bun will be for my last break later on this evening. If I do get food while I'm out tonight it will be light, healthy and not overly supersizedly huge.
I did have that second pizza bun, not as slow as the first one but eh, I'm nto going to kick myself for it. I also had one of those Naked smoothies from Starbuck's (I desperately needed to use the washroom) and it was allright. It was the green one.
There is a sharps container in the washroom in Starbucks... meaning I was doing my business somewhere that someone has shot up and possibly OD'd. That's really freaking morbid.

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