Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day three

 So there's good exercise, positive, I'm happy to be active, let's go gung ho mofo exercise... and then there's the flip side of that. Good exercise includes walking to the bus stop at Fanshawe College after work, a walk that usually takes about 20 minutes. The flipside of that is actually its reverse: walking to work fromthe bus stop at Fanshawe college not because I wanted to but because the bus I needed peeled out of there and didn't stop for me to get on it.
Up yours London Transit.
Anyway, so the walk complete with light rain and Tom Waits (because something good had to come out of it) took about 25 minutes and an extra large triple triple coffee. I haven't eaten yet today (as of 1:11 PM) but I did pick up a box of those Bagelfuls (cinnamon raisin) for something to snack on along with the yogurt... It's going to be a very minimal day methinks.
In the meantime, overall I'm glad I got the exercise. Despite the fact that yes, I was late for work (thankfully there is a pay phone at the bus stop so I was able to call in) I feel kind of pumped! Action doesn't necessarily follow motivation. Momentum however can build motivation. If I'm sitting doing nothing I will remain sitting doing nothing until forced to do something like go to the washroom or get something to drink. Motivation, for me, is that little voice that says "well, I'm up, might as well go to the mall or the farmer's market or write an album or go to the library," etc, etc, etc.
Next time this happens, I'll be sure to follow that impulse and see where it takes me, I might even take pictures.
In the meantime, I had 3 packets of instant oatmeal to complement the bagelful a couple of hours later at lunch. My stomach is not a happy camper tonight. I was thinking of doing up a recipe and making a new show this evening but we'll see when I get home.


Now that I'm home I've got my cam ready and I'm about to do a cooking show for see through time chicken! which will then be placed on a roll with some cheese and the rest put away for tomorrow.

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