Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bagelful Taste Test

Side post!

Okay, First break and it's time for breakfast at 2:20 PM. What am I having? A Cinnamon Raisin Bagelful. If you have no idea what that is, take a bagel, straighten it, stuff it with cream cheese, wrap it, package it and sell it to people like me who may need a breakfast "on the go".
Now, I made just the one Bagelful, toasting it until just before the point people who smell burnt toast would have seizures. The outside of the thing, already a somewhat dark brown, was a little darker, indicating toasty... what? well, it had been toasted but what word would follow?
Filling, slightly sweet, hot to the tongue at first (I think I burnt it... :( ) meh. This is a breakfast or snack for people who don't particularly care to take the time to toast a bagel themselves. This is quick, easy and easily forgettable save for the remaining traces of chemically enhanced cinnamon and raisin flavour that refuse to leave my mouth. Don't think I didn't spend my time eating it thinking of clever jokes related to eating cream filled, cylindrically shaped snack foods.
This is bland in a box. It's fast food pre packaged. All that's missing is some sort of additional dipping sauce to mask that vague sense of ennui.

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